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Pakistan extended the deadline for Afghan refugees to leave the country. Last date 31 December; Taliban had said – Pakistan should sow only as much as it can reap.


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The picture is of Afghan refugees leaving Pakistan.

Pakistan has extended the last date for Afghan citizens living there to leave the country till December 31. According to the report of Voice of America, Pakistan has said that it will expel 17 lakh Afghans living in the country illegally at any cost.

The Pakistani government has taken this decision amid continuous pressure from Afghanistan and internationally. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Pakistan has welcomed this decision. Pakistan said in its decision – The government has extended the last date of Proof of Registration (PoR) card for Afghan refugees till December 31.

On November 1, thousands of citizens living in Pakistan left the country.

What is PoR card?
Actually, most of the Afghan citizens living in Pakistan arrived here after 1970. He used to renew his PoR card every 6 months. Through this card, Afghans were legally allowed to live in Pakistan. However, this time the card could not be renewed after expiring on June 30.

After this, Pakistan announced the evacuation of these Afghan citizens in October. For this the refugees were given 1 month’s time. Angered by this decision of Pakistan, the Taliban government of Afghanistan had called it a cruel act.

Taliban had said- will not allow cruelty to Afghan civilians
Taliban had said- Pakistan should sow only as much as it can reap. The Taliban will not allow its citizens to be treated like this. Pakistan cannot confiscate the property of Afghan citizens. This will have a serious impact on the relations between the two countries.

On the other hand, America wants to stop the deportation of those 25 thousand people from Pakistan who had helped it. In fact, these people helped American soldiers during their military operations in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. After this America had promised to provide homes to these people.

However, Pakistan’s caretaker PM Anwar ul-Haq had promised during a press conference that the people included in the US list would not be forcibly expelled. Pakistan had cited increasing terrorist attacks as the reason for expelling Afghan citizens from the country.

On September 29, there were 2 suicide attacks at 2 places in Pakistan. 58 people had died. After this, a decision has been taken to send back the citizens of Afghanistan.

Pakistan said- Afghan citizens responsible for terrorist attacks
Pakistan’s Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti had alleged that out of the 24 suicide attacks in the country so far, 14 have been carried out by Afghan citizens. However, the Taliban rejected these allegations.

The caretaker government, which had failed to bring Pakistan’s deteriorating economy back on track, had accused Afghan citizens of smuggling dollars. Due to this inflation is increasing in Pakistan. They were also accused of arms and drugs smuggling.

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