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Israel vs Hamas War Genocide by Hamas Iran Help Terrorists | British newspaper collected evidence, apart from grenades rifles and drones were also found


Tel Aviv/London12 hours ago

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Major at a secret military base in Israel with weapons and devices made in Iran and recovered from Hamas terrorists.

Most of the weapons used in the attack by Hamas in Israel on October 7 were sent from Iran. This claim has been made in the report of British newspaper ‘The Sun’. 1400 Israeli civilians were killed in the Hamas attack.

A British newspaper reporter visited a secret military base in southern Israel and saw weapons shipped from Iran. These weapons have been recovered by the Israeli Army from Hamas terrorists. These include grenades, several AK-47 rifles and drones and night vision devices.

IED also included

  • According to the report, Iran’s army provided AK-47, warheads, hand grenades, mines, improvised explosive devices i.e. IEDs, bomb timers and suicide drones to Hamas. Hamas used grenades the most in the attack. All these weapons and other things were recovered by the Israeli Army after killing the Hamas terrorists. Some terrorists are also currently in the custody of the Israeli Army.
  • This report claims that Hamas terrorists also had mortar rockets and ready-made mines made in Iran. After the attack on October 7, when these terrorists fled towards Gaza along with the hostages, they fitted some mines there. Its purpose was that if the Israeli army chased them, they would fall prey to it.
  • Some terrorists have told during interrogation that they wanted to carry out such a big attack that the world would pay attention to this issue and there would be pressure on Israel to resolve the Palestine issue.

These are the parts of the downed suicide drone which have been recovered by the Israeli Army. These drones are made in Iran.

Israeli army showed weapons

  • A major of the Israeli Army showed the Iranian weapons kept in this secret base to the newspaper reporter. During this time this military officer was wearing a mask. He said- Where would Hamas have brought all these weapons from? This is a very small number that you are seeing. A large consignment of it is still present inside Gaza. The question is where did Hamas get weapons like mortars?
  • The officer further said – We suspect that there are some weapons that came to Iran from North Korea and after that they were delivered to the Hamas terrorists present in Gaza. Hamas is suspected to have 200 IEDs, 500 grenades and about one thousand AK-47 rifles. We believe that the October 7 attack was being planned for two years.
  • According to the Major, it is quite possible that a large cache of weapons of Hamas is now hidden in the tunnel network of Hamas. As the ground operation progresses, more weapons will also be recovered. Hamas terrorists have built many bomb making factories in residential areas.

Israeli Army Major showing long range rocket. This major was wearing a mask on his face for security reasons.

Terrorists wanted to keep the hostages in Israel only

  • This Israeli officer made another big revelation. According to him, Hamas wanted to keep the terrorist hostages in Israel only. We found dry food packets, medical equipment and a large number of weapons from them. However, why they ran away with the hostages is being investigated. We have got 20 such missiles, which can hit up to 120 kilometers.
  • The target of the Israeli army is the arm unit of Hamas. One of its commanders was killed recently. High-tech telecommunication devices were also found at the spot where he was killed. Hamas was planning to use some mortars with which Israeli planes flying at low altitude could be shot down.

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