Home News Garland defends Hunter Biden investigation and refuses to divulge details

Garland defends Hunter Biden investigation and refuses to divulge details


Garland defends Hunter Biden investigation and refuses to divulge details

Garland defends Hunter Biden investigation and refuses to divulge details: During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland vehemently defended the Justice Department’s investigation of Hunter Biden, claiming that he was “not Congress’s prosecutor” and refused to provide investigative details despite congressional pressure.

Targeting Garland, House Republicans were eager to support an impeachment investigation on President Biden due to claims that they had profited from Hunter’s business activities. They recommended impeachment or charges of contempt for his failure to comply completely.

Numerous accusations made against Garland, depicting him as a co-conspirator in a Democratic scheme to defend the Bidens and bring charges against Trump, lacked solid evidence. Garland criticized Trump fans for their increasing threats against FBI personnel and prosecutors.

Garland’s hearing deviated from standard oversight talks; it was his first before a committee presided over by far-right Trump supporters since the Hunter Biden investigation’s chaos over a botched plea agreement.

Republicans emphasized the assertion made by former IRS inspector Gary Shapley that David C. Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, was prevented from conducting a thorough investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax case.

Using his pledge to refrain from interfering with Weiss’s work as justification, Garland said, “The way to not interfere is to not investigate an investigation.”

The impeachment investigation is based on the notion that President Biden acted to protect his son. Republicans see Garland as a crucial connection even if he has made attempts to disassociate himself from the issue.

Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, demanded access to records and officials from Garland, arguing that they were necessary for committee scrutiny.

The agency declined, claiming legal restrictions on sharing the specifics of ongoing investigations, which resulted in threats of contempt.

When asked whether he had any influence on the decision to prosecute former President Trump, Mr. Garland stood by his actions and denied any involvement on the part of President Biden. Garland added, “No one has told me to indict…the decision to indict was made by the special counsel.”

Garland became more irate throughout the hearing. Republican Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey claimed that the Justice Department discriminated against him because of his religion. Garland strongly refuted the charge. Garland hails from a Jewish family that left anti-Semitism.

On other occasions, Mr. Jordan said that the Justice Department was dragging out possible tax charges against Hunter Biden because the statute of limitations had run out.

Nonetheless, Hunter Biden remains the subject of an FBI investigation into possible breaches of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Both sides engaged in physical violence during the politically charged session. Representative Garland’s voice turned raspy following hours of hard questioning, and Representative Jerold Nadler accused “extreme MAGA Republicans” of attempting to divert attention from several Trump charges.

Rep. Steve Cohen brought up the Justice Department’s investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz’s sex trafficking after Gaetz criticized Garland. He pointed out that no charges had been brought as evidence of his objectivity.

Garland said, “The department does not make comments about its investigations.” Protecting public employees from threats is crucial, and he stood by his decision to stay out of the probe.

House Republicans sought to support an impeachment investigation of President Biden, but Garland resisted, declaring he would not bow to outside pressure and highlighting the rule of law.

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