Home Technology Adobe rolls out AI features, plans for price hikes and payouts

Adobe rolls out AI features, plans for price hikes and payouts


Adobe rolls out AI features, plans for price hikes and payouts

Adobe rolls out AI features, plans for price hikes and payouts: Following months of testing, Adobe (ADBE.O) made a number of generative artificial intelligence capabilities available throughout its products on Wednesday. The company aims to increase costs in addition to compensating contributors whose work makes the features feasible.

The foundation of Adobe’s subscription software business is the Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop and other editing tools. The business has been gradually incorporating new AI elements, including the capacity to create pictures from text, into those programs during the last six months.

In response to content producers suing tech companies in court over whether they should get royalties for using their work in “training” AI systems, Adobe is assuring businesses that the material generated by its systems will be safe to use lawfully. Adobe bases its system on material that either it owns or is in the public domain, and the business backs up its assertions with a financial indemnification that it provides to its clients.

Adobe said on Wednesday that several of its subscription products would see a $2–$5 monthly price rise beginning in November.

Users of Adobe products will be able to accrue “credits” for using generative AI functionalities. Users have the option to continue utilizing the features at reduced rates or purchase additional when those credits have been used up.

In addition, Adobe said that it would compensate anyone who contributes to the stock picture libraries that its AI systems utilize for training.

According to the number of photos artists have added to Adobe’s database and the number of times their photographs were licensed via conventional channels between June 3, 2022, and June 3, 2023, Adobe will provide artists with a one-time “contributor” incentive this year.

Following that, Adobe will begin awarding the bonus annually for the AI systems’ training efforts.

Chief technology officer for digital media at Adobe Ely Greenfield told Reuters, “We want our stock contributors to continue to contribute both for the stock market, which is paying out more than it ever has and for the value they’re contributing to the training of these models.”

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